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With so many stags and hens going on it, this is Benidorm’s biggest bar crawl. Visit all the best bars and clubs, free shots, 2×1 offers, lots of stupid games and easily the best night to be had in Benidorm, 6 bars in 6 Hours with the clubs staying open til 7am.

Now this is fun, get a private tour of the wild side of Benidorm visiting some of the different Adult shows, from Sticky Star, Strippers & Lesbians to Dwarfs and Lap Dance Clubs we will get yout stag stitched up and invloved in all the shows and in the end your stag will be begging for mercy 🙂

Enjoy Beers and BBQ down along one of our beach front clubs and you’ll see that this is what life is all about. Hire a couple of sexy waitresses to add some spice, especially good if the wife has banned strippers as they will still have a little bit of clothing on so you’re good it doesn’t count.

From April we have the pool parties, now every one has a pool so we don’t charge for this either, book on any event and you get invited to this for FREE, great afternoon of drinking and games where all our stags and hens meet up